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Refuse To Use Single-Use Plastics

The Earth’s surface is made up of 72% of water and most of the air we breathe is produced by marine life plants. Plastic is everywhere in our ocean, floats on the surface, sinks to the bottom and marine animals are choking on it. When it breaks down it ends up in the water we drink and the food we eat. What can we do? Join Dolfin’s mission

Hi I’m Jason Andrews, CEO and President of Dolfin Home Loans. If you have heard of us we are a mortgage company that gives back to ocean cleanup with each closed loan.

Less than 9% of plastics get recycled.

Yes, it’s true less than 9% of all plastics made get recycled and 50% of all plastics are made for single-use purposes. Due to these astounding stats, 1 million marine animals are killed by ocean plastic pollution.

Simply put… We need to do more!

At Dolfin Home Loans it’s easy to complete your mortgage loan. The hard part is convincing our community that we have a problem and there needs to be a solution fast. Dolfin Home Loans does more than just ocean cleanup, we are here to advocate for the elimination of harmful non-biodegradable plastics that can find their way back to our oceans and waterways.

Despite warnings, more and more plastic is released into the ocean. If you connect with our mission and would like to be a part of it, take our pledge to refuse to use single-use plastics.

Let’s make an impact together.


Jason Andrews

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